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Ajanta Chemical Industries (Group) An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Concern
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Ajanta Chemical Industries is the oldest company at Ajanta group, and its operations are ably augmented by large manufacturing facilities in northern states of Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan, which are capable of catering to a large chunk of market demand with their production levels of 36000 Metric Tonnes every year, to be expanded to 45000 Metric Tonnes.

Catering to leading industries in India since 1974 for the past 40 year, the product portfolio offered by the group companies is primarily meant to cater to the demands of the Industrial Sector in particular. Apart from being the market leaders in manufacturing Chlorinated Paraffin / Hydrochloric Acid, the overall product range manufactured at the group’s facilities include…
Chlorinated Paraffin (CPW)

A colorless transparent Liquid with Chlorine Contents varying between 45 to 70%, the Chlorinated Paraffin manufactured at our group concern Ajanta Chemical Industries (ACI) is recognized for its unadulterated HNP base and exceptional flame retardant characteristics. The Chlorinated Paraffin manufactured @ ACI offers outstanding high temperature stability & lesser volatility, which results in better yield than others.

The Chlorinated Paraffin manufactured at Ajanta Chemical Industries finds application in various product segments. It is used as a secondary plasticizer in PVC & Cables, and also in footwear & leather industries. It is also used as an additive in lubricating oils and in paints formulated in special grades as well.
Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

An aqueous solution of Hydrogen Chloride gas, we formulate a wide range of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in LR Grade (35-36 %), which is preferred by a majority of customers for its most favourable characteristics. Possessing strong acidic qualities, Hydrochloric Acid finds a wide range of applications in the various fields such as, making of dyes, in phenols and plastics, chemicals intermediates, cleaning agents in domestic, commercial and industrial establishments. HCL formulated at our group concern Ajanta Chemical Industries (ACI) is a clear, Colorless, Fuming liquid with the following composition…
Fe (Iron) 0.0001% Pb
(Lead) 0.0005 SO4
(Sulphate) 0.002% Cl
(Chlorine) 0.0001% NVM
(Non-Volatile Matter) 0.01%
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